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Engage in various activities near Chania

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Go beyond the sights and beaches with unbeatable activities in Crete


Samaria Gorge

Embark on the iconic trail to explore the longest gorge in Europe. Disconnect from your hectic everyday routine and immerse yourself in an environment of raw natural beauty and complete rejuvenation. Connect with nature as you hike through towering cliffs, stumble upon the famous Cretan wild goats called kri-kri, and finally reach the refreshing pathway to the Libyan Sea.

Samaria Gorge


Snorkeling, Tennis and more sports

Take your trip to a new level with a wide variety of activities near Chania. Explore the marine life of Crete by going underwater or try a new water sport as a break from sunbathing at the beach. Don't miss the chance to challenge your fellow travelers to a friendly tennis match on the court nearby the apartments.

Water sports on the Cretan beaches


Cretan gastronomy

Indulge in the rich wine and food culture of Chania and discover why Cretan cuisine is one of the most loved by travelers across the world. Experience the warm Cretan hospitality firsthand in wineries or vineyards by tasting varieties produced on the island and chatting with the locals. Savor delicious dishes made from pure, fresh ingredients that bring you closer to understanding the culture. 

Cretan Ntakos salad

Start an adventure of a lifetime by choosing the perfect accommodation in Chania

Plan the ideal Greek summer vacation in Chania, Crete. Create cherished memories in a destination that has everything you are looking for.