• Old town of Chania by the sea
  • Old port of Chania
  • Τhe Archaeological Museum of Chania
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Modern and Old Town of Chania

Uncover the differences between the two versions of the city. Travel through time in the Old Town of Chania and wander in its scenic alleys and brightly painted buildings. Visit the picturesque Venetian harbor, admire the Venetian and Ottoman-influenced architecture, and leave time for one of the most famous lighthouses in the world. Make a lunch break at the bustling tavernas or waterfront cafes, and head to the modern district for further exploration.

Old city of Chania


Venizelos tombs

Visit the burial place of one of the most influential political figures of Greece’s history, Eleftherios Venizelos, and his son, Sophocles. Located atop a hill, the tombs overlook the Aegean Sea and the White Mountains, offering a spectacular sunset view. This monument is a symbol of Crete's struggle for independence and the strong spirit of its people. Enjoy a unique sense of reverence and calm in the late afternoon hours.

Panoramic photo of Chania


Archaeological Museum of Chania

Dive into Crete’s rich history at the Archaeological Museum of Chania, situated right in the city center. From intricately carved statues and ancient pottery to fascinating mosaics and frescoes, the exhibits showcase the diverse past of Crete. Explore artifacts from the Minoan, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman eras and connect each "puzzle piece" to unveil the island’s cultural heritage.

Exterior photo of the archaeological museum of Chania

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